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  • Handy crafts - Quilling Creations
  • Handy crafts - Quilling Creations
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  • Embark on a fun filled journey of imagination and creativity
  • Finished products can be displayed around the house or gifted to friends
  • Kit includes quilling paper, quilling tool, frame, PVA adhesive, glue stick
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    Quilling brings to you a fun filled creative do-it-yourself kit to help your child inspire their imagination and creativity. Small things bright and beautiful… creatures great and small… you can create them through quilling. Yes, its amazing what little strips of paper and a lively imagination can do. Twirl those strips into shapes, match different colours and you can make animal miniatures of your choice. What’s more, the kit comes with a frame to showcase your creations. Each project comes with detailed pictorial instructions to help your child create these wonderful crafts. Each of the craft projects come with the base templates and pictorial instructions. Using the frame showcase your creations in the perfect size. The quilling also contains treasure stones and googly eyes to decorate the creations. Get busy with your fingers and let your creativity come alive. So what are you waiting for? Order now and get creative with your very own quilling creations. Happy quilling.

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